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Every country has its own culture and have education and progress according to that.India has one unique factor in its culture that makes it different from all other countries in the world, that is SPIRITUALISM.

Indian culture is based on highly scientific knowledge, VEDIC KNOWLEDGE, which is ages old or you can say SANATAN.
It says a person who is unselfish or performs every act selflessly is a SPIRITUAL PERSON.One example is like Earning for your family is very important but keeping only that much which is required for the family and the rest to be used for the society, If a person has this thought process he is a SPIRITUAL PERSON. Till today many people keep 10% of their income for the charity which is beneficial for accumulating their good karmas as well as helping the society.

Good character is an other foundation of a SPIRITUAL PERSON. Character defines a man’s progress in his life. His behavior with his parents, siblings, friends, neighbors,teachers, colleagues and all other associates build his life pattern. A SPIRITUAL PERSON with a good character is found to be more sensitive towards his environment and his responsibilities in terms of planting trees, saving trees, controlling pollution, helping poor and needy people and Nation building.

A SPIRITUAL PERSON in nutshell believes , “Those who can change themselves can change the world ”

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