The OM Foundation

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Because to provide a better life, we need your hand

Our Mission & Vision

TOF encourages people for voluntary work of social and cultural nature for improving the quality of life in rural and urban areas.

TOF provides sound education to children through our volunteers and also paid professional in special cases. Education of the GIRL CHILD remains our primary focus so as to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country.

TOF prepares children through all round Physical, Intellectual, Academic, Mental and Spiritual development based on values derived from Vedic philosophy.

TOF is also working  in the sphere medical health. It aims at rising funds for people suffering from chronic diseases specially Cancer and AIDS. Through the raised funds we help all those who are suffering from such diseases and are financially incapable of bearing the expenses of their treatment.

TOF believes in procuring generations by taking care of our Seniors. Trust conducts various Awareness programs, Adult Education classes, Lectures, Essay Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposium, Culture Programs, Medical Health Camps and Seminars to promote it objectives.


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