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Service to humanity : Service to God

India is a land of various cultures, traditions and regions. Yet the one thing that unites us all together is our humanity. Humanity – a fusion of the beautiful words of love, compassion and kindness.
Think of the last time you helped someone, it may be as simple as holding the door for the next person or picking up the pen that a stranger dropped. How did you feel afterward? Making a safe bet I believe it was quite a rewarding feeling of warmth wasn’t it !
Kindness doesn’t return a favor with money, it doesn’t hand you a trophy to
showcase, it is simply the feeling of tenderness. After all, the fastest way to feel content is by serving others. Studies indicate that the act of giving back to society not only boosts us with happiness internally but also makes us feel rewarded, fulfilled and empowered. It gives us a sense of renewal which is also known as the “activism cure” method. Prioritizing the needs of others before our own helps us create a stronger relationship with people and enhances our individual identity as a whole.
But you know the best thing about helping someone? Well it creates a ripple effect!! People are more likely to volunteer after observing another do the same. Our perspectives of the world also change and we develop a more optimistic mentality towards situations.
Service is not quantified. It doesn’t matter how much we are able to donate. A small penny or a dollar can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. As the chairperson of The Om Foundation charitable Trust quotes “Helping just one child can improve the quality of their future generations “. Hence our service will not only impact the life of the youth of this generation but the upcoming generations as well .
So how can we contribute to the same?
Well – it’s very simple and we can start from today itself ! The only prerequisite required is to carry the attitude of selflessness and love, simple traits that God has blessed us with.
Here are some of the few ways we can start and make someone’s day –
● Volunteering at a nearby NGO and local charity.
● Donating warm clothes during winter and books to the underprivileged children.
● Giving a bottle of water and food to the needy.
● Leaving a short sweet note at the co-worker’s desk.
● Giving a day off to the maid and cooking her favorite food.
● Saving a little from our pocket money and donating it to a local orphanage.
The list is endless, as once we have the attitude to help someone, we want to do more for the
society. And that is indeed the beauty of serving others. In the end we must remember the words of Mother Teresa “ Give your hands to serve, and your hearts to love “.


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