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National Zoological Park -Educational Tour

Suryaputry Rashmi Malhotra
Chairperson and Founder Trustee

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Educational tours can have a very positive impact on students’ personal development as well as education and career. Children who travel more have a vast experience in terms of cultures, languages, food and also have an increased tolerance and respectfulness towards others.
I believe besides, they have a willingness to learn and try new things. Kids who travel are more likely to have higher confidence, are more independent, and display greater self-esteem and adaptability to their surroundings. They are also likely to be have better self-expression and are more outgoing than kids who stay at home.
Therefore on the ocassion of Children’s Day foundation arranged for an educational tour to National Zoological Park, New Delhi without compromising on the studies of children. Children enjoyed the tour by participating in every activity. They shared lunch together as a big family, they sang songs in the bus collectively, they looked at all the animals and birds with great enthusiasm walking in a line.
It was a great learning experience for the children.Teachers, staff and myself also had privilege to see new animals in the zoo.

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