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Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Suryaputry Rashmi Malhotra
Chairperson, TOF

“The human body needs energy and nutrients to function. If food intake is inadequate, the body begins to break down body fat and muscle, the metabolism begins to slow down, thermal regulation is disrupted, the immune system is weakened, and kidney function is impaired” says our Nutritionist Parul Bahl.

In children due to decreased food consumption, increased energy expenditure, and illness result in a poor nutritional state known as malnutrition. Malnutrition is associated with increased illness and death, reduced educational achievements, productivity and mental growth of children.

In India we are celebrating National Nutrition month in September 2022 to increase awareness of Nutrition in diet and its effect on life performances. The OM Foundation held seminars, workshops with expert Nutritionist and distributed nutritious foods to children, adolescent girls and women for the first week of the month. later during the whole month daily children who come from underprivileged families have been given one fruit or other nutritious food in the class to keep their nutritional levels high. Children loved the food and also enjoyed the activities done by the teacher to make them understand benefits of good eating habits.

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