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National Nutrition Week 2022

Suryaputry Rashmi Malhotra
CHAIRPERSON, The OM Foundation

Special feed: Nutritionist Parul Bahl

National Nutrition Week was started in India in 1982 by the Govt. of India to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition to keep the body healthy and fight malnutrition. In India especially in rural areas children and women are the victims of malnourishment.

“Women require more nutrients like Iron etc. for their excellent health and vitality at every stage of their lives” said nutritionist Parul Bahl , director, @Diet Expression.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also emphasised in his monthly broadcast “Mann ki Baat” that fight against malnutrition should be a mass movement. PM said the month of september is celebrated as POSHAN MAAH and all efforts should be made to ensure that the nutritional deficiencies are eradicated.

The OM Foundation Charitable Trust is working on POSHAN for less privileged families in sewa basti of Naraina, New Delhi since 2013 under it’s initiative, “SAHI POSHAN-RASHTRA ROSHAN”. Happy Food Kits (Ragi flour,Gram dal ,Peanuts,Milk Powder,Glucose biscuits) are distributed to the mothers who come to attend Seminars and workshops arranged by our Nutritionist Parul Bahl.

On the words of our prime minister this year in 2022 foundation is celebrating the whole week from 1st Sep. to 7th Sep. as Poshan Week. I n this week different programs will be organised to make people aware about what is the nutrition, its importance and deficiencies occurred due to malnutrition. Daily Sessions on differnt foods like milk, soya, eggs, fruits will be held by chairperson Suryaputry Rashmi Malhotra and psychologist Sonali Singhal.

Nutritionist Parul Bahl will take a seminar for Adolescent girls to educate them on deficiencies of ANEMIA which happens due to lack of intake of iron rich diet during mensuration cycles. She will explain that vitamin C is a very important nutrient to be taken along with iron diet to make iron dissolve in the blood. Consumption of iron rich foods and VITAMIN c would increase the hemoglobin levels among the adolescent girls.This will help them fight any difficulty during child birth when they become adults.

The whole week distribution of nutritious food to children,adolescent girls and women will be a very important activity.

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