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Milk Distribution

Children from poor families whose parents neither have cash reserves or wages to afford the daily supply of milk in their homes. This can cause Malnutrition and other health issues among small children.

Looking at the grieve situation The OM Foundation serves hot milk to the children of needy families everyday in the OM Pathshala class during chilly winters of the capital. It helps them get good nutrition to keep their bodies warm as well as get nutrition to improve their immunity to fight any disease.

Malnutrition is a serious condition that occurs when body gets either very little nutrition or over nutrition. Malnutrition has adverse effects on body’s growth or form which can lead to stunting or underweight or obesity in children. Therefore Rashmi Malhotra (chairperson) has strong belief that by providing milk to young children of underprivileged families can help their body grow and be healthy. And if they are healthy they can also have healthy mind to cope up with their studies in school.

“Helping others is actually raising one’s own morals. On all such occasions when one man helps out to another by virtue of those blessings which God has given him, he is in fact showing his gratitude to God for these favors” Thus it is so rightly said service to mankind is service to God….

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