The OM Foundation

For Underprivileged children a glass of milk, a biscuit, and a world of difference

PARUL BAHL  ,Nutritionist

We all know that milk is very important for small children. Milk is an important nutrient for their growth and development. They must drink it everyday to remain healthy and fit. Milk contains calcium, protein, vitamins and potassium and it keeps children hydrated.

One in four children in India are malnourished, according to the India Food Banking Network. More than 30 percent of children under 5 are underweight, and 3,000 children die every day from illnesses related to poor diet. By age 2, nearly 60 percent of children suffer from stunted growth.

Therefore under Poshan Program of The OM Foundation  gives a glass of milk and a glucose biscuit to 100 underprivileged children studying in OM Pathshala every day. It has shown growth in their weight and grasping power in studies. Nutritionist Parul Bahl @dietexpressions says that milk not only strengthens the bones of the children it reduces the risk of many diseases in absence of milk.

The OM Foundation’s initiative includes a meal and two snacks during a week, regular  checkups,  and extra nutrients for students who need them, fitness programs like yoga and training for parents on healthy habits. The chairperson, Suryaputry Rashmi Malhotra strongly believes that children are future of our Nation and their good health and education is evryone’s responsibility.

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