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New Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and afford us more free time. The reality today is quite the opposite.
With e-mails,cellular phones,facebook, whatsapp,twitter etc. etc. has made our lives more busier than before.Not only we do not have free time from work but this technology has taken our focus from the human interaction.
That is the reason STRESS levels have increased to a higher score.You get up in the morning with a set alarm clock, get dressed, have breakfast, talk on the mobile while driving on the way to office, work in the office whole day, get back home with stress of boss, have dinner, go back to sleep…
What did you do in the whole day to look at your life to see if you are caught in a RAT RACE ?? Thought about relationships,Children, Health, Nature OR SPIRITUALITY ????
REMEMBER … “The Problem with being in a Rat Race is even if You Win, You are Still A RAT.”

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